Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)


  I found the article you presented very informative and similar to the Smart Boards that we currently use in our education department. They’re great when you’re facilitating a class and you have either a power point presentation or have the need to display graphics in engaging the students. The boards also have various functions like using special digitized markers that simulate what a highlighter would do on a standard wipeout board. The touch screen effect is a plus because it allows you to interact and process information while still creating a functional learning environment. I’ve imported three dimensional images connected with the curriculum I was teaching and the class was so mesmerized by that illustration which also created an in class discussion, prompting even those students that usually didn’t respond to my presentation. I’m sure in an elementary classroom setting, the boards are an excellent teaching sources for cognitive stimulation. The boards are also a great way of switching from board to video teleconference enabling all instructors to directly interact with other facilitators or organizations.  I reposted your blog site as well as the informative article on the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB).


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