Mind Map for Connectivism


I’m fortunate to have a spouse that’s an IT and has been able to program our internet and upgrade all the software in our computer, as well as our kids laptops. I mainly used the home computer for miscellaneous tasks, but mostly the laptop for homework while I was working on my Bachelors, because of the convenience and mobility it provided. As new tools emerged, especially like social networks such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, I realized the potential of communication with family, friends, classmates, as well as keeping up with current events. Before all these internet tools arrived, I wouldn’t have considered them as a benefit because I’m still a bit old fashioned and appreciate certain aspects of learning like simply ‘writing’ on paper which seems to be such a task in today’s technological world. Usage of the keyboard is the standard of writing foregoing pencils or pens, and at times I feel we’ve abandoned them because they’re not compliant in today’s modern world.

Recently we just upgraded our cell phones to the new 4G phones and I cannot live without it! It keeps everything for me as far as helpful apps that I can download anywhere. I can blog wherever I am and check my bank account, and yes my Facebook too. I’m glad it helps my daughter in Chicago in finding the closest bus route so she won’t end up in the wrong areas in the city. I’ve been able to take advantage of the iPhone is finding useful apps for work programs that I can request for our training programs such as our Learning Management System (LMS).

I learn by example a lot of times when I converse with other learners and I take their experiences and relate them to my own. Once I complete my masters in Instructional Design, I’m hoping to assist students in their thinking patterns that best help them remember, understand, and apply the material they’ve been taught. By doing this, I could establish a more receptive and cordial learning environment that allows them to address those cognitive, emotional, and physical aspects.

Adult learners bring an assortment of various experiences with them, including a wealth of practical knowledge from their personal life, work, family and outcomes of previous learning experiences. These experiences are relevant to our learning needs and engaging with each other helps us direct our learning by utilizing motivating tools and key aspects of learning. They can relate their career and professionalism by immersing themselves with other learners and apply their own knowledge within a social environment.

Finally, I hope my map learning explains visually all the different principles of connectivism in how technology has infused itself into my life, and how it’s used on a daily basis. I don’t know what the future holds for us in this technical world, but I’m sure without the network, our lives would be interrupted.




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