Distance Learning Blogs

I’ve been reading other blogs on the internet about some of the limits to Distance Learning (DL) making it so that learners are feeling almost alone in their quest to attaining higher education. One issue was in finding local resources when you’re not based on a university campus, and teaching isn’t always encompassing all the material. Another issue is that it’s harder to build friendships and bond with classmates when living in different parts of the world. No, maybe DK isn’t for everyone but when you only speak to classmates on a message board, it may seem like your isolated in your learning. I don’t see DL as a downside to learning, but more of an online journey. I have built friendship with my classmates, maybe not in all my classes but in other classes I’ve taken. Yes it can be difficult for me personally especially working full time and running a household. I never saw myself going back to school at this age, figuring it would just be my three kids in college like they are now. I’m glad I went back and don’t complain because I chose this route in my life. I may not be the best student but I don’t stop either.


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