Reflection of future of Distance Learning

My Perceptions of Distance Education in the Future

I see distance education expanding in the next ten to fifteen years with an increase in volume of people involved, and online learning is growing at a faster rate along with the participation of people supporting, promoting, and accepting distance education. Standard universities will still be present, but many will incorporate distance education elements into their traditional face-to-face classrooms. The field of distance education’s quality and reputation should continue to increase with more professionals participating in and learning that distance education can be as rigorous as traditional education.

E-Learning has emerged with new technologies that are consistently being introduced on a regular basis that will make distance education that make learning more appealing and exciting. New communications technology can make education and new knowledge more available to the people who need it. With quick gadgets like the smart phone and cheaper information and communication services, electronic resources are making information accessible to people without access to a local library.  Technology has gotten easier to use and some students expect the world’s information be instant and always available at their fingertips. Even classes that meet in person are making greater use of the web in delivering course content as hybrid courses.

Many Americans have some college credit but lack either certain key courses or a limited number of course credits to complete their degree. Distance learning provides an affordable and accessible option, particularly for students who are employed and must complete degree requirements on a flexible basis. Kids in elementary and middle school are exposed to more technology than we did when we were younger, so they’re more comfortable with online communication technologies and will be less apprehensive about taking a course online.  There is a growing acceptance of distance education because of the increase in online communication, good experience with the new communication tools and the growing comfort with online learning.

The push for more development in distance education include technology, economy, and needs of the adult learner. Technology is developing new products with faster processing and capabilities. The economy promotes distance learning because there is a demand for lifelong learning, a labor that is changing as well as requiring adults to work longer before retiring. Anyway you look at it, distance learning has earned its place in the world by accommodating millions of learners who, if required to sit in a classroom or travel to a campus, might otherwise have to forego the additional education.



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